New Owner: Shane Hadlock

Our Mission

Roxy’s Ice Cream Social’s goal is to serve our guests the best quality ice cream and to provide the most unique dessert experience possible.  We want Roxy’s Ice Cream Social to be a fun and exciting work environment. It is equally important to us the our employees get the opportunity to develop an excellent work ethic, a passion for their work and communicating that to the guests. 

Our Ice Cream

What makes our ice cream so special and different? Roxy’s Ice Cream Social is an OKC owned ice cream company. We make all of our ice cream at our Plaza Location in small batches using the best quality ingredients. We also make all of our cookies, fudge, caramel and sundae toppings to ensure the highest quality. We even have our soda specially made for us by a gourmet soda company that has been in business for over 30 years. Here at Roxy’s we like to think serving people with a smile and treating them as guests, not just customers also helps with the overall experience. 

Our Team

At Roxy’s, our dedicated team is all about serving our customers with a warm smile and an energetic attitude. We take pride in our attention to detail, ensuring that every scoop and every order is a delightful experience. But it’s not just about ice cream; it’s about creating a wholesome team environment where everyone works together to spread the joy of sweet treats. Our team embodies the spirit of Roxy’s, making every visit a memorable and welcoming experience.

Our Beginnings

Roxy’s Ice Cream Social started with a single 1969 model ice cream truck in 2012. They Continued by opening the first brick and mortar storefront of Roxy’s Ice Cream Social in the Plaza District on April 1st, 2015. Since then Roxy’s has continued to expand with more locations and are looking forward to future expansions and the opportunity to create more jobs for the community and truly unique place to work.

Our name comes from the beloved great Dane, Roxy. We thought her spunky and energetic attitude was perfect to represent what the Roxy’s brand would become known for. You can find a hand painted portrait looking over any of her locations. 

Show Your Passion for Ice Cream by Joining Our Team!

“Roxys’s was a great job, the position only being temporary did not limit what I learned during my time there. I was able to do a lot of one on one customer service and working with food solely.”

~Former Employee 

What People Have to Say:

"This is hands down the best ice cream ever. The staff is friendly and fast!"
Danny Rotelli
“Super friendly staff who happily made sure to check every flavor to see if it was gluten free before I ordered. The ice cream was delicious! I definitely plan to go again soon!”
Rachel Javellana Eades
"My friend and I went here last night. I was happy to see that you guys have vegan ice cream. I recently found out that I have a dairy allergy. We got the German chocolate. I really enjoyed it. My friend isn't the biggest coconut fan, but he enjoyed it too. I will plan on coming back here. 🙂"
Sarah Radell
Roxy's Plaza District

1732 NW 16th St.
OKC, OK 73106​

Sunday-Thursday 12:00-9:30
Friday-Saturday 12:00-10:00

Roxy's Midtown

1006 n Hudson Ave.
OKC, OK 73106​

Sunday-Thursday 12:00-9:30
Friday-Saturday 12:00-10:00

Roxy's Classen Curve

6150 NW Grand Blvd.
OKC, OK 73118

Sunday-Thursday 12:00-9:30
Friday-Saturday 12:00-10:00

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